Can you see a pattern?

Sometimes charts help you see patterns.

Repeating History

event Plan B High Capacity Wells
Department and Minister responsible Transportation, Vessey Environment, Sherry
Minister punts to Stantec consulting PEI Potato Board
which writes, and then retracts, *approval* of Plan B Says it’s not their job, but is part of team
with Cavendish Farms hiring former MLAs/Premier’s staff as consultants
and that results in dozens and dozens of letters
from concerned, articulate
dozens and dozens of letters
from concerned, articulate Islanders
Minister’s spokesperson duties shifted to Steven Yeo, chief engineer Bruce Raymond, manager of watershed planning
who says Plan B is needed for safety.
It will meet or exceed TAC Standards
There is capacity for “dozens and dozens
and dozens of wells.”

2 thoughts on “Can you see a pattern?

  1. from tracadie cross dump in 1998 till today, what I see is a corrupt and inefficient government not looking after the people interest. no vertical fractures, no confined aquifers, no ocean. we should be seriously looking at what has been going on inside the government. what I would like to see is any hydrological/hydrogeological work, as an environmental impact accessment, for deep water wells. I learned today that the national park has a 500 foot well, with 8 inch casing near the campground in Stanhope. this partially explains to me why the ocean has been dying in that whole general area. and why is Campbell’s pond across from dalvay house green in the summer?
    tony lloyd

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