Lands Protection Act

Regarding the Lands Protection Act recommendations from Horace Carver:

The media pretty much reported that in Mr. Carver’s recommendations the acreage size limits weren’t really increased and red tape should be reduced.   But there is a lot more in his discussion, of course.  It appears he read everything about land and rural development that government and other organizations have produced for the last decade or two.  He concludes that the “aggregate” land holding limit is primarily a concern of the potato industry, and has to decide if raising the limit would “fix” the industry.

One report he cites (page 20) that I hadn’t really remembered much about was the 2009 Report of the Commission on the Future of Agriculture and Agri-Food, entitled Growing the Island Way ( mmofagri.pdf ).  This commission was made up a group of farmers, including Rory Francis, Raymond Loo, Randall Affleck, and Cynthia Frizzle.

In its conclusion, the 2009 Report of the Commission on the Future of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Growing the Island Way, put it this way:
“A ‘vicious circle’ has taken hold, characterized by declining profits, consolidation, and an intensification of operations that is causing negative environmental impacts and losing farmers the respect of the community. Without profit or pride, the next generation of farmers, or ‘new entrants’, is turning away from the industry.”

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