March 12th, 2014

Tomorrow, Thursday, is the next meeting of the Standing Committee on Ag/Env/Energy and Forestry, at 1PM in the Coles Building.

**If weather cancels the meeting, it will be rescheduled, I am told, to Friday morning at 10AM.**

There is some other business first (from the Hog Board), then:
Atlantic Salmon Federation (Todd Dupuis)
PEI Federation of Agriculture
Cooper Institute
Council of Canadians
Daryl Guignion
Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI
PEIS Shellfish Association
and the Committee has to consider a request from Cavendish Farms

Woo, what a line-up!!
Of course, do consider attending if you can.
This page has the listing and link to the agenda.  As soon as I hear anything about the meeting being postponed, I will pass it on.

For an archive of letters and posts about this issue, including footage from Maude Barlow’s talk at the water forum last month, go to:

Besides the land limits, the Commission on the Lands Protection Act also explored the concern about “double-counting”, where farmland “leased out” (rented to someone else to farm) is counted and so is the same land “leased in” (somebody rents it).  The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission, but pretty much no one else, liked the system.  So:

The Commission recommends:
2.    That the provincial government amend subsection 1(3) of the Lands Protection Act to remove the double-counting provision so that only land leased in is counted as part of the aggregate land holding; that the amendment include a sunset clause that would expire in six years, unless specifically extended before the expiration of the six-year time limit; and that a cap be instituted to limit the amount of land an individual or a corporation can lease out to 50% of arable acres owned.

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