Standing Committee’s Report

The Standing Committee on Agriculture, Environment, Energy and Forestry’s report to the P.E.I.Legislature from November 2014 is here:

Here, by the way, is what is said about the Water Act in the Speech from the Throne, which was read on November 12th, 2014.  I know the Premier retreated the next day, and most elected officials in government are shrugging and saying, “The new Premier will have to decide” about pretty much everything, but folks behind the microphones are obviously still going to their offices and working on projects and policies.

from The Speech from the Throne, text here:

page 14:
Safeguarding Our Environment

Our environment has an impact on the quality of life and health of
every Islander. More than in any other province, our economic success is
founded on healthy soils, clear air and clean water, healthy and diverse ecosystems,
and the beauty of of our landscape.


 page 16:

Water matters to every Islander and our agricultural industry needs
clarity regarding its access to our water resource. To ensure both water
quality and water quantity for the long term, My Government will
undertake a thorough and careful process to develop a
Water Act for our province beginning with a public consultation process in the
coming months, and cross jurisdictional analysis.
The proposed Water Act will consolidate water-related legislation,
regulate the use of surface and groundwater, allocate water in times of
scarcity, protect streams, rivers and related aquatic environments, and
ensure water quality and quantity. Our goal is to regulate water use in a manner
respects human needs while safeguarding the environment.

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