We Don’t Want Another Winter River: Lessons for the Water Act By Don Mazer

Brackley branch of Winter River completely dried up (Aug. 12th 2012)
Brackley branch of Winter River completely dried up (Aug. 12th 2012)

Don Mazer started his presentation to the EAC by pointing out that, “It’s appropriate that these consultations begin in Charlottetown, and to be talking about the Winter River, the source of virtually all of the water used by this City and its residents, businesses, institutions, worker and visitors. One could say that the reason for these consultations actually begins with Charlottetown and with the Winter River. The Standing Committee hearings about the impact of high capacity wells and the proposal to lift the moratorium led to the recommendations for a Water Act. And the Winter River watershed is the home of 14 of such high capacity wells located in Brackley, Union and Suffolk that operate all day every day of the year, pumping more than 18 million litres per day from the watershed to the City of Charlottetown. There is much to be learned from the experience of the Winter River with water extraction that is valuable for a new Water Act.”

You can read Don’s full presentation here.

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