Clean Water & Pesticides on PEI – Presentation by PFPEI

CLEAN WATER MEANS LESS PESTICIDES: A submission to the Committee on establishing a Clean Water Act from Pesticide Free PEI

Pesticide Free PEI believes that the development of a Clean Water Act should address the issue of deep-water wells but embody broader principles at play within the highly-sensitive ecosystems of our island province.

Pesticide Free PEI is concerned about the quality of both our surface water and groundwater as they are affected by the heavy use of pesticides by the province’s agricultural sector and by the unnecessary use of cosmetic pesticides on (mostly) urban lawns.

Please feel free to download full document here: consolidated water act and you can find the Prezi presentation by clicking here:

One thought on “Clean Water & Pesticides on PEI – Presentation by PFPEI

  1. Garth Matthews

    Excellent presentation. It would be wonderful if every islander would read this especially our politicians ! Its hard to argue that money is more important but I’m sure there will be a few that will try.

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