Cooper Institute Presentation to the Environmental Advisory Committee

On behalf of Cooper Institute, Marie Burge made a presentation to the Environmental Advisory Council on October 13 in Summerside. She recommended the following:

That the Prince Edward Island Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) insist the Government develop a time frame which allows for multi-layered engagement of the community; the PEI Water Act is too important and too essential to the future of PEI to be rushed through.

That the Prince Edward Island EAC engage community members specialized in clear language and ethical principles to develop a preamble to the PEI Water Act which reflects standards and ideals on which the protection of PEI water should be based, such as a common inheritance; a basic human and ecological right; and a public trust.

That the Prince Edward Island EAC be outspoken with, and supportive of, the Minister of the Environment and the Premier in relation to the incredible pressure on the Minister and Premier from influential circles, especially from those who realize that the Act may curtail their interests in some way.

That the Prince Edward Island EAC, aware that elements of the community will continue to think of water as theirs to own and use, even abuse, for their own private or collective gain, must design parts of the Act to address potential violators and redress the violations.

That the Prince Edward Island EAC, ensure that the PEI Water Act place front and center that the protection of PEI water means the protection of the land, air, plants, animals and the people of the province.

Read Cooper Institute’s full submission here.


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